Elks Lodge Americanism Essay Contest




Americanism Essay Contest

Essay Theme: “Why our Veterans are American Heroes.”

1. Eligible participants must be a student enrolled in the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade during the normal 2017-18 school year, preceding June 30, 2018.
Deadline: Must be submitted to local Lodge by December 15, 2017.
2. Essay length is not to exceed 250 words.
3. Essay must be typed or legibly printed in ink.
Also, Essay must be submitted as written (or typed) by the entrant.
4. Essay must be submitted for judging to the Elks Lodge administering the contest at his or her school or, if unknown, to Lodge nearest to home address of entrant.
5. Entrant must be identified on essay by name, home address, grade, school attended and sponsoring Lodge. (Lodge may enter Lodge information on essay.)
6. Judging criteria: Originality: Avoid the use of trite or worn out words and phrases — 30 points
Development of theme: Stay focused on ideas and thoughts. Don’t ramble — 40 points
Mechanics and neatness: Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation — 30 points

There are two divisions for judging essays:
Division 1 (combined fifth and sixth grades)
Divison 2 (combined seventh and eighth grades)

(Cover Sheet must accompany each Essay, see link on right)

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