Should Boxing Be Banned Discursive Essay Sample

Recently there has been a debate on whether or not boxing should be banned. There are people who agree with the idea of boxing being banned and claim that it is dangerous and life threatening. However, there are others who disagree and argue that there are more dangerous sports. This issue could lead to unexpected consequences, such as boxers having brain injuries. I believe that boxing shouldn’t be banned because it is the boxers’ choice, the boxing industry employs a lot of people and if the sport is banned it could go ‘underground.’ Firstly, boxing shouldn’t be banned because it is the boxers’ choice. In fact, all boxers’ choose to be boxers, not one of them are forced to. The boxers’ love to box, it’s just like you love your job (if you do), so who are you to ban something that they admire? It would be as if taking something that you admire, and love. The way boxers feel about boxing is the same you feel with something you love. Secondly, the boxing industry employs a lot of people. Saying that, if you were to ban boxing you would be removing their jobs, and maybe even there way of money income.

Without that money, they wouldn’t have the money needed to pay bills, pay taxes, pay fees, pay for food or even afford to stay in a house. Banning the boxing industry will cause pain and stress to those people that have familys. However, there are those who believe that it is dangerous sport because it influences’ children and how they act. These arguments are not reasonable as it is mostly the parents that influence children, not boxers, nor anyone else. Therefore it is not the boxers fault that children are watching boxers, some parents want children to do boxing for self-defence, so why blame boxing for it? The sport boxing, is known worldwide, and played worldwide. So if you were to ban it, it would not only go ‘underground,’ but it would cause more deaths and injuries without the medical support. Saying that, it would make all the matches illegal, yet they would keep it up because boxers do boxing because it’s there career and life, they would have nothing to go to. You would be taking away their lives, if you were in their shoes and boxing was banned, what would you do? In conclusion, boxing shouldn’t be banned because it is the boxers’ choice, the boxing industry employs a lot of people and if the sport is banned it

Boxing is a sport that is adored by millions of people all over the world , it is a contact sport in which the fighting style is called MMA (mixed martial arts), Boxing includes two participants called fighters who battle it out in a series of rounds (12)until the opponent has been knocked out and can’t stand straight for 10 seconds , if the fight is stalemated then the fight goes to three judges in which the match is settled within a points system which the judges take part in , there has been numerous debates over the existence of boxing however the fight is just as tense outside the ring with the supporters in the battle against those who want it to be banned. One reason to ban boxing is the fact that it is thought to have long term health effects to the boxer, diseases such as alzhezmers disease and Parkinson’s disease is common to a boxer as it is caused by numerous blows to the head which occurs constantly in boxing , one prime example of this is a boxer called sugar Ray Robinson as he was the argued as the man who changed boxing but sadly he passed away he died due to azhlmiers disease in 1989 April 12 , this was associated with his boxing career this shows that boxing may lead to a very uncomfortable after career. Addiontaly , critics argue that boxing should be banned as it is an inhumane sport.

As the boxers aim is to intentionally hurt their opponent it shows it as a vicious sport but it is seen normal to the public eye for example , if you were to go attack someone in the street you would have criminal charges filed against you but just because they are doing it in a boxing ring it is fine , the public are paying loads of money for the big name fights in boxing to see a man or women punch each other senseless for 2 minutes before someone gets knocked out which is a waste of money , one example of an inhumane incident which happened in the boxing ring was boxer mike Tyson intentionally ripped his opponents ear off with his own teeth , this shows how much of a inhumane effect it has on the public For critics there is an argument that there is a lack of safety towards the blows that are dealt to the head in boxing as no-one can predict what’s going to happen apart from the boxers , a boxer could deal a punch that could kill someone.

However as boxing does have its Cons it also does have its Pros in which it shouldn’t be banned , as the boxers give there own consent which state that they are aware of the price they need to pay for being a boxer however the rewards they receive outweighs the price in a boxers mind as it provides a life of fame money and fast cars , most boxers don’t come from wealth backgrounds as it takes years to be a boxer it is usually people who love the sport and have dedicated there life to it which may have saved them for doing something else they may not enjoy or criminal activity…

“Boxing gave me the opputinites to grow into the man i am today” Carrying on the argument in which boxing shouldn’t be banned is the fact that it would lead to the black underground of boxing due to its high demand around the world , this would create a whole new amount of problems as it would mean that the mdecial side of boxing would be abolished from boxing and this would lead to a high amount of casualty rates this would also effect the economic side as it would mean that the tax that is generated by boxing would be abolished and shows the arugment in why the government should let it be.

Finally the reason for boxing to stay alive is the entertainment and income boxing provides, as boxing is one of the most loved sports of all time and have fans that dedicate there life to the sport who travel round the world for 12 rounds of boxing in which is something they have chosen to watch and have not been forced into watching boxing in any way , if boxing was banned then it would destroy a part of peoples lives , boxing also contributes towards the job front as this includes , venue staff equipment providers etc and allot of people would be left out of a job After considering both sides of the argument, I think it would be a good idea to not ban boxing as I feel that as boxing does have its limitations on the injury factors, the amount of people that dedicate and the impact it has on the world as we know would be too strong to kill.

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