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IAB conducted a study to answer ongoing industry questions around the efficacy of cross-media ad campaigns. The study set out to prove whether or not including desktop and mobile ads in a multiplatform ad campaign improves brand impact and if so, by how much. The study further sought to parse out the impacts of each digital media format both individually and in combination with other media formats to give a total picture of digital’s brand impact on cross media ad campaigns.

To that end, the IAB commissioned Research Now to conduct ad effectiveness studies across two live ad campaigns which included a variety of traditional and digital media types. In a first of its kind, the study captured Mobile In-App in addition to Mobile Web for a complete picture of mobile advertising’s impact. The first study involved the launch of a new auto model and included ads ranging from innovative ad formats like pizza boxes in addition to typical Out of Home formats to TV, Radio, Print, Desktop (Video and Display), Mobile Web and Mobile In-App. The second study examined the ad impact of a well-known cookie dough brand whose ads ran on Desktop, Mobile Web and TV. The research was then rounded out with three case studies from Research Now on Retail, Finance and Media, each of which involved a mix of digital and traditional media.

In summary, the research shows that across 5 verticals (Auto, CPG, Retail, Finance, Media) the inclusion of digital ad formats in a traditional campaign improves brand impact both individually and in combination with traditional media formats.

Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study

Market research companies conducting advertising research studies and surveys. Find firms that generate advertising research information about what is being communicated through a specific advertising vehicle.

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B2B International

Telephone: (914) 761-1909  Area: White Plains , New York

B2B International is a leading global business-to-business market research consultancy providing customized b-to-b research and intelligence studies.

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Telephone: (800) 819-3130  Area: Oakland , California

CatalystMR is a full service research, online & mobile survey programming, hosting & panel provider. Our panels include: consumers, B2B & healthcare.

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Telephone: (505) 856-0763  Area: Albuquerque , New Mexico

Ameritest, an ad & brand communication research co., helps brands optimize their positioning & creative expression to build long-term brand memories.

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Provoke Insights

Telephone: 212-653-8819  Area: NY , New York

Provoke Insights is a full service market research firm & brand strategy firm that helps brands navigate through today’s cluttered marketing space.

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Beta Research Corporation

Telephone: (516) 935-3800  Area: Syosset , New York

We are a family-owned, full service provider of custom research that helps businesses make smarter strategic choices to achieve stronger growth.

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System1 Group (Formerly BrainJuicer)

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7043 1000  Area: London ,

System1 Group (formerly BrainJuicer) is comprised of System1 Agency and System1 Research, and its mission is to produce and predict 5-Star Marketing.

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EFG Worldwide

Telephone: 305 600 0778  Area: New York , New York

USA Full-service one-stop shop for Global quantitative and qualitative fieldwork insights. Top 25 Global Research Firm, large in-house capabilities.

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Expedition Insight LLC

Telephone: 19147726001  Area: Atlanta , Georgia

Start Listening | Always Question | Look From All Angles Mastered research techniques & application for strategic and tactical solutions

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Telephone: +1 917 960 6255  Area: New York City , New York

EyeSee improves marketing communication (digital, shopper, advertising) effectiveness with online webcam eye tracking and facial coding.

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Eye Tracking


Track people’s eyes with their own computers and webcams at home. Our unique approach delivers fast, cost-effective and global eye tracking insights.

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Fors Marsh Group

Telephone: (571) 858-3800  Area: Arlington , Virginia

FMG is an applied research firm specializing in the business of measuring, understanding, and influencing the way people think and make decisions.

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Fresh Squeezed Ideas

Telephone: (416) 235-0909  Area: Toronto , Ontario

We impact marketing decisions and engineer breakout brand growth through the integration of Behavioral Science and Cultural Anthropology.

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Frieden Qualitative Services

Telephone: (818) 789-6894  Area: Sherman Oaks , California

Exciting moderator! Gary Frieden has Ph.D. in Psychology - uncovers underlying motivations and reactions, and gets people talking. Webcams too!

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Telephone: +1 207-204-0381  Area: New York , New York

For research that goes global, you need FUEL. Our worldwide networks and superior field directors deliver targeted research that powers greatness.

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Telephone: (212) 240-5300  Area: New York , New York

GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions.

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Telephone: 917 969 3089  Area: New York , New York

I inform and inspire brand owners and their agencies with first-class qualitative research and a custom-designed approach to idea generation.

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Heart+Mind Strategies

Telephone: (571) 926-8852  Area: Reston , Virginia

Heart+Mind Strategies is a research and consulting firm helping clients understand the hearts and minds of the people that matter most to them.

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Telephone: (512) 498-3830  Area: Austin , Texas

Online communities, surveys, online focus groups, journals, live chat, ideation, panel management and innovation in a simple, single tool.

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Insights in Marketing

Telephone: (847) 853-0500  Area: Northbrook , Illinois

Insights in Marketing (IIM) is a marketing research firm that delivers in-depth and actionable insights inspired by the consumer voice.

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Major Appliance Manufacturer Improves Sales through Emotional Consumer Connection

Case StudySeptember, 2015

A major appliance manufacturer lacked marketplace differentiation and was looking to create an emotional consumer connection with its target market. As ...

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Invoke Solutions

Telephone: (781) 810-2700  Area: Waltham , Massachusetts

Invoke combines qualitative insights with quantitative data — faster and more economically than ever before.

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Invoke Helps Launch the NFL and Bud Light’s “Superstitions” Television campaign

Case StudyDecember, 2016

As a major sponsor of the National Football League (NFL), Anheuser-Busch needed to leverage this relationship to better reach football fans and create a ...

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Irwin Broh Research

Telephone: (847) 297-7515  Area: Des Plaines , Illinois

Since 1971, minding your customers' mind.

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