A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Essay For Class 5

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As I log onto Instagram, I view posts from friends I met at a business conference as they prepare for university and spend their last free summer exploring the world. I see people celebrating their friends on Woman Crush Wednesday and Man Crush Monday. Summer camp buddies share their exploration of the world, ranging from Colorado to Haiti. People commemorate their accomplishments and are congratulated in kind. Even without much discussion, I feel connected to people as they share their experiences, dreams, and achievements. With its amazing ability to link people from a variety of places in a variety of ways, social media allows a whole new level of association between people.

Never before in time has there such a connection between people and their friends. “Long ago” (or, the days before instant internet access), people would have to phone their friends to see if they could possibly hang out, or even walk to their friend’s house, not knowing if the trip was for naught, with the friend busy for whatever reason. Nowadays, plans can be made instantaneously, and friends can even share events such as broadcasted award shows and television episodes via text, Facebook chat, and Twitter. Never before has a friendship been so easy to foster. Even just exchanging a username with an unknown person in class can lead to a new friend in a few clicks of a button. Social media has made it easier to make friends and interact with them, whether the interaction is by way of the internet, a phone, or the classic visits to each other’s house, now made easy by texts and Facebook messages that will allow the friend to inform you that they are available.

Social media has also led to the development of friendships based on common interests. The mid-90s saw the development of public forums where people could discuss their interests, ranging from politics to anime, and build connections off of that. Nowadays, Facebook and Google groups, Tumblr, and the Twitter hashtag system allow people to discover others with similar interests from around the world. While not all of these connections may lead to a friendship, online friends can be as fulfilling as a “real-life” friendship, yet this friendship is also one that could not exist without social media. Social media provides for people with uncommon interests, or people who simply do not have friends that share common interests, to express their passion alongside others.

With the access to people around the globe that social media provides, it is not surprising to see increasing globalization as the younger generations, and even their tech-savvy parents, are introduced to new cultures, mindsets, and news and information that would be foreign and out-of-reach to them without the worldwide union social media provides. Even globalization relates back to friendships, allowing people from across the globe to develop long-lasting friendships. Although pen pals existed pre-social media, the development of new communication technologies allows for a quicker connection between people, fostering an even greater sense of friendship.

Some have said that social media makes people more self-centered; yet, it seems to be just the opposite. People are able to join with others in their triumphs, give them sympathy when needed, and share laughs. None of that seems self-centered. Perhaps it is the selfie craze or people making note of their accomplishments that makes people think this about social media. However, in the age where low self-esteem is prevalent among the younger demographics, I see social media as the cure, not the disease. Friends are able to compliment others for victories they might not otherwise be rewarded for. Even selfies, as trivial and stupid as some may view them, can help someone increase their self-esteem, especially if their friends “like” or retweet the photo. That’s worth something, and, if celebrating yourself and others is self-centered, I hope to see a lot more of it.

Social media allows people to live life and experience friendships to the fullest, whether it be by connecting people from around the globe, allowing people instant access to their friends, providing for the sharing of goals and achievements, and allowing us to view people we might ignore in a whole new light.

By Carol Scott

In today’s world where a friendship is just a click of a button away, we really need to understand the meaning of friendship. Our parents, grandparents, schools teach us that a friend in need is a friend indeed, but do we really know what it means? or do we really care? Friendship is the best relation a human can have, and it is need of an hour to revisit the real essence of friendship.

The topic, a friend in need is a friend indeed is very often asked in school or colleges for essay writing, speech competitions, article, paragraph writing or for expansion of the idea. Here in this article, we are giving a sample essay which is relevant to today’s situation, so it will be unique. This sample short essay is good for school students of class 6,7,8,9 and 10. We will be also giving a brand-new friendship story which might help you to understand the meaning of “a friend in need is a friend indeed” proverb. We kept this story simple so that it will be suitable for school students of class 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Follow the given link to read a separate short 10 lines essay on Friendship for Kids. (Note: Scroll down to end of the article for Story and Quotes)

Meaning of A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Most of the people tend to have at least half-dozen or more friends (introverts and loners are exceptions here), they play, party, have fun together. They like your profile pictures, DPs, stories, they follow you over different social media apps, they tag you in comments and more. But in difficult situations, when you need or expect their support they don’t show up. And those who stay with you, support you in such demanding situation are the real friends and that’s the real friendship. And that’s exactly this famous proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed” means; a friend or person who helps you in challenging time is a true friend, one who you can really rely on.

Essay on A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

In today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world it takes only a couple of clicks to make friends. How great is that? Now people oceans apart can become friends. No one can deny they have at least 100 friends over social media. We share pictures, events, share memories and stories, they like each other’s updates, shoutouts. We tag each other in comments and pictures.At workplace too, we have colleagues to whom we call friends. We share laughs at the pantry, enjoy office parties and get-togethers. We congratulate each other on promotions, wish on anniversaries or child’s birthday. Social media and internet made it simple and convenient, but can we call them real friends? Do we really know what real friends are like? Is acquaintance synonymous to a friend? Will be they there for us when we need them? Will I be there for them when they need me?

Earlier that was not the case, friendship used to take time. Not seconds, minutes or hours; friendship used to take years to build. To become friends, they used to spend time with each other, understand each other. They shared a special bond and that used to take time. Earlier people used to have comparatively less number of friends, one could count them on fingers of their hands. But they used to share a great rapport.

In those days, friends used to count on each other, there was trust between them. They didn’t need to plan for a dinner party, they used to just show up at dinner time and they were always welcomed. They used to know each other family. Parents never hesitated to ask them for help. They used to take friends family members to the hospital if no one is around. They will somehow manage to pay hospital admission fee even if they don’t have 100 rupees in the pocket.Can we have such relationship is this jungle of online, digital, app-based friendship? Our parent’s generation blame technology, media for these unrealistic friendships. But it is not the technology to be blamed, it is us who are guilty.

Technology made things simple and convenient that doesn’t mean it has to be void or empty. Social networking sites and apps help us to stay in touch and up to date, but we should not ignore the physical aspect of friendship. It takes time and effort to make friends whom you count on. The number doesn’t matter in friendship, trust does. Friendship is a lifelong relationship, which needs to be cherished.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Story

There was a big park in the middle of the city; clean and green. It was a home of a lot of bird. There were two sparrow friends Cloe and Pepper in the big flock. It was the end of summer, so all sparrows were busy in making their nests. They were collecting grass, stems, leaves, feathers, paper to weave their nest. Cloe completes her home in time and she was very happy.There were kids playing at the park, they were throwing stones at the tree for fruits. A couple of stones hit the nest and it drops down to ground. Cloe was worried, rain was just a few days ahead. She was crying, she asked her friends for help in making a new nest. They were busy in making their own nest so they said “No”. Cloe was very upset and heartbroken.

Pepper saw crying Cloe and offered his help. They both worked together and built Cloe’s nest before the rain. In return, Cloe also helped Pepper. From that day they became a very good friend, now Cloe calls Pepper her true friend. Moral of the Story: A friend who helps in bad times, a friend who supports, help you when no one other come forward is a True Friend. That is why we say, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Note: We made up this story on own, let us know if you like it. For younger kids, parents can simplify the story. One can use the essay and story content to write speech, article or for expansion of idea too. You can also practice paragraph writing with given content.

Tips for Essay Writing

  • There are typical essays out there over the internet on “a friend in need is a friend indeed” topic. We tried to make it relevant to today’s situation. You should also try such theme to make it different so that it stands out in the crowd.
  • Follow the given link to know about different types essays. Types of Essays !
  • You can use 3 or 5 paragraph essay structure to write your essay, it makes it easy.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Quotes

You can find a lot of quotes on friendship over the internet, here in this section of the article we tried to write own quotes. Feel free to use these quotes in your essay, speech or over your preferred social network 🙂

We chit chat with friends, but we open our heart only to real friends.

True friends may forget to wish you on birthday, but they will be there when you need a shoulder.

A true friend is better than hundred friends.

Your friends will be at the party on a single call, true friends will be there in bad times without a call.

True friends are like diamonds, they are precious, treasure them.

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