Mr Wiggins Homework

Mr. Morrison and the Logan children are riding the wagon on their way home from delivering a planter to the Wiggins family when they encounter Kaleb Wallace, who drives his truck across the road to block their way.  Kaleb is drunk, and hollers threateningly at Mr. Morrison; Mr. Morrison ignores his tirade, responding only to ask quietly if Kaleb is going to move his truck.  When Kaleb Wallace refuses to let Mr. Morrison by with the wagon, Mr. Morrison gets down off the wagon and walks around the truck which is blocking his way.  He stops at the front of the truck, and,

"bending at the knee with his back against the grill, he position(s) his large hands beneath the bumper.  Slowly, his muscles flexing tightly against his thin shirt and the sweat popping off his skin like oil on water, he lift(s) the truck in one fluid, powerful motion until the front (is) several inches off the ground and slowly walks it to the left of the road, where he set(s) it down as gently as a sleeping child.  Then he move(s) to the rear of the truck and repeats the feat".

Now that the truck is out of the way, Mr. Morrison gets back in the wagon and proceeds calmly on his way.  Kaleb Wallace is mute with shock at Mr. Morrison's huge display of strength, and regains his voice only when the wagon is far down the road.  At that point he screams a "frenzied cry of hate", threatening,

"One of these nights, you watch, nigger!  I'm gonna come get you for what you done!" (Chapter 10).


Mr. Wiggin

This course covers the progression of the world from 1789 to its current state. Using a global perspective, the course explores how societies and peoples in different locations have confronted fundamental issues of the human condition.  While much of the course will revolve around the rise of Western Europe we will also study the progression of China, India, Japan, Africa and the Middle East along with their interactions with the world. Students will study major turning points that shaped the modern world, including the cause and course of the two world wars. They trace the rise of democratic ideas and develop an understanding of the historical roots of current world issues, especially as they pertain to international relations. They infer from the American experience that democratic ideals are often achieved at a high price, remain vulnerable, and are not practiced everywhere in the world. Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographic, political, economic, and cultural contexts. Students consider multiple accounts of events in order to understand international relations from a variety of perspectives.

Here are our Units of Study this year:





Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned on a unit by unit basis. Students will have until the end of the unit to hand in all homework assignments for a grade. Homework portfolios can be hard copy or handed in online through email . More details including grading rubric can be found here.

• Cheating and Plagiarism- Any attempt to gain academic credit for knowledge or work not genuinely a student’s own is considered cheating…The penalty for cheating and/or plagiarism is total loss of credit (“0”) for any test or assignment on which they were attempted. (THIS INCLUDES HOMEWORK!)
• Cut Class- “Students who are truant from school and/or cut a class(es) will not be allowed credit for any work missed. There could be a significant drop in term grades when students choose to miss a class(es) on purpose.”

• Be in the classroom PRIOR to the bell
• Come to class PREPARED with your book, notebook, pen/pencil
• NO food or CELL PHONES allowed out in class
• RAISE YOUR HAND before speaking.
• Do NOT talk while the teacher or another student is speaking.
• Follow all teacher directions. Never challenge the teacher’s decision during class. I am happy to discuss a situation or concern one-on-one before or after class.
• Do NOT pack up your things before the bell, unless advised to do so.
• Inappropriate behavior will result in a teacher warning and/or an after school detention


Advanced Honors

  • Homework –  5 percent
  • Assessments –  80 percent
  • Class Participation – 15 percent


  • Homework – 15 percent
  • Assessment – 60 percent
  • Class Participation- 25 percent

College Prep
• Homework- 15 percent
• Assessment- 60 percent
• Class Participation- 25 percent

• Feel free to contact me at school with any questions-

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