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Topics ready to go[edit]


Topic QuestionCategoriesNotesAuthor
Adolescence and social pressureIn what ways do social pressures contribute to adolescent mental health and well being issues?AdolescencePlst
AffluenzaWhat is "affluenza" and what are its socio-psychological risks and effects?Culture[1][2][3]Oscar.Bell
Albert BanduraWhat has he contributed to our understanding of social psychology? Draw on examples to illustrate key theories and principles in action.Social learning[4]Sari
AlcoholWhat are the short-term and longer-term socio-psychological causes and effects of alcohol consumption?Drug use[5]Bryony
AltruismDo genuinely altruistic acts ever occur? (Note: In answering this question, consider the difference between prosocial behaviour and altruism. You might also consider social psychological aspects of evolutionary theory and related research.)Altruism[6],[7]Tegan H
Attitude change programsWhat factors determine the success of attitude change programs? Describe theoretical bases and research evidence. Include examples from a current or recent social change program (e.g., SUNSMART, anti-smoking, exercise, drink driving, cancer screening, safe sex campaigns).Attitude[8]Jenna K, Lizbennett
AttractivenessWhat makes some people more attractive than others and why?Attractiveness[9], [10]Misscourt
Bystander effectWhat is bystander effect? When is it most likely to occur? How can its effects be minimised? (e.g., if you are looking for help?)Prosocial behaviour[11]Teall McQueen
BullyingWhat are the socio-psychological causes and consequences of childhood bullying?Aggression, RelationshipsJodes
Caffeine cultureWhat are the socio-psychological contributors to, and consequences of, 'caffeine-cultures'?Culture, DrugsBreona duncan
Career statusHow is one's career related to one's social status? Which careers are socially unacceptable (or "low status") and why?Social comparisonE.wigmore
CaregivingWhat are the psychological impacts of extended caregiving (e.g., those providing primary, live-in care for children, elderly, and/or sick/disabled people)Family psychology[12]Cynnapier
Charismatic leadershipWhat is charismatic leadership and how does it influence relations between leaders and followers?Attraction, Leadership, Social influenceTim Malysiak
Children and happinessWhy do people have children? Does it make them happy? Review the psychological literature related to this article: Happiness is ... not having childrenFamily, Parentingu3012675
Climate changeConsider socio-psychological aspects of "climate change", including causes and consequences (e.g., what social influence techniques are evident in discussions about the causes and consequences of possible climate change?).Environmental psychology[13]U3006567
Contact hypothesisWhat is it, and to what extent is it effective in reducing prejudice?Prejudice[14]Kathryn L
CooperationWhat strategies can facilitate human cooperation and what conditions undermine human cooperation? Answer with respect to group identity theory(ies).Category:Social cooperation[15]Mimosa Forsyth
Cross-cultural relationshipsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of cross-cultural intimate relationships?Interpersonal relationships, Cross-cultural psychology[16], [17]Kate Hulme
Cult of the selfHas the notion of "self" been culturally constructed over the past 500 or so years, and is the "cult of the self" now out of control?Self[18], [19]Sandy
CultsWhat is a cult? Explore and explain the social psychological aspects of cults, with examples.Psychology of religion[20]Katrina Fry
Cultural adaptationWhat could a person going to live and work overseas do to help acculturate successful?Culture1Matthew M
Culture of fearTo what extent are we currently living within a 'culture of fear' (is our culture becoming increasingly fearful, risk-averse, suspicious, even paranoid?) and why? What social psychology theory and research speaks to this question? What are the trends and what do you think should be done?Culture[21]Mitchacho
Culture shockWhat is culture shock, when is it likely to occur, and what advice can be given to people entering new cultures to help them deal with culture shock?Culture[22]Anastasia
Employee satisfactionWhat are the main socio-psychological predictors of employee satisfaction?Organisational psychologyRebeccasutton
FoodWhat is the role of food (or more particularly, the socio-cultural practices around food) in meeting human's social needs and how does society influence food choices?CultureU126268
Free cultureWhat is free culture (Lessig)? Explore the social psychological aspects and implications of the free culture movement.Culture[23]Lauten
GangsWhat are gangs (in socio-psychological terms)? Why do some people choose to join gangs?Group processesCC
Gender differences in perceptions of female sexual promiscuityWhat are the gender differences in the way that female sexual promiscuity is perceived and why?RelationshipsReido
Gender roles in relationshipsWhat is gender role theory and what has been found from gender role research concerning intimate relationship quality between men and women?RelationshipsBel
Genetic sexual attractionWhat are the socio-psychological causes and consequences of genetic sexual attraction (in which closely-genetically related adults form consenting intimate relationships)?Relationships[24]Melissadedrick
Genocide antecedentsWhat are the most typical socio-psychological pre-cursors to genocide and how might this knowledge be useful in preventing genocides in the future?GenocideAwilson
Group productivityAre people more or less productive when they work in groups? What can be done to increase productivity in groups?Group processes[25]PsychUser12
GuiltWhat is it and what does it stem from?Social cognitionNicbroto
Hidden curriculumWhat is it? Explore the social psychological dimensions of the notion of hidden curriculum.Educational psychology[26]Nicole Merchant
HomophilyWhat is it? Explain and consider from a socio-psychological perspective.Interpersonal relationships[27]Blackballoon86
Human sexuality: Nature or nurture?To what extent is human sexuality the result of nature or nurture?Relationships[28]Nikkihiggins
ImmigrationWhat kinds of socio-psychological challenges and issues are encountered by immigrants?Intergroup relations, Prejudice[29]Chicco
Immigration detentionWhat are the psychological effects of prolonged detention of immigrants to Australia, and why do these effects occur?Australia, Cross-cultural, IncarcerationIntransient
Individualism-collectivismWhat is individualism versus collectivism? Consider with respect to socio-psychological theory and research (e.g., to what extent do cultures and individuals vary along an individualist-collectivist continuum and why?)CultureDskrzecz
Interpersonal attractionWhat attracts some individuals to one another? In essence, what are the "rules" of attraction?Attraction, RelationshipsCat1986
Leadership characteristicsWhat are the characteristics of successful leaders. What are the socio-psychological ingredients for effective leadership? e.g., consider whether 'great' leaders born that way or can people be trained to be leaders?Leadership[30]Amy86
Long-term intimate relationshipsApproximately 50% of marriages in Western culture currently end in separation (source unknown). What are the secrets of a "good marriage" (or long-term intimate relationship)?Relationships[31]Khayne
Loss of indigenous cultureWhat effect does a loss of indigenous culture (such as the Australian aboriginals' or Tibetans') have on indigenous peoples and why?Culture[32]Gulita
MarketingHow are social psychological principles applied in marketing, advertising and branding?Marketing[33]L.Harriott
Media violenceDiscuss the role of violence within mass media, such as television and video games. What effects can this have on viewers, especially children? Should violence in the media be more controlled - or is the role of violence in the media often overstated?Aggression[34], [[35]SteveHenry
Mental health illness disclosureWhat effect does disclosure of a mental health illness have on a person's social status and interactions?Mental healthAngela f
Mental health illness stigmaWhat is mental health illness stigma (or psychiatric stigma)? What kinds of mental health illnesses tend to carry the greatest social stigma and why?Prejudice, Mental healthLeonie B
Military social psychologyWhat is the role of social psychology in warfare? What related ethical dilemmas are faced by psychologists working for or advising the military?Social influence[36]Kellyknight138
Need to belongDo we need to belong? What do we need to belong to?GeneralKristina
Minority groupsHow can minority groups achieve desired social changes? Discuss this with respect to examples of 'real world' minority group impacts.Group processes[37]ThomasH
New technology and communicationTo what extent are new technologies facilitating or undermining our capacity for interpersonal communication?Communication, Technology[38], [39]Sarah Q
Open marriageWhat shortfall(s) in traditional marriage does this practice try to overcome or eliminate? What are the pitfalls of an open marriage?RelationshipsPaula
Peace promotionHow can peace be promoted and developed between conflicting groups?Conflict resolutionStarcaster88
Person-situation debateSummarise the person-situation debate and put forward your own view with reference to research and theory.Evolutionary psychology, Social behaviour, GeneralKim Crocker
Post secretAnalyse the phenomenon from a socio-psychological viewpoint. Include examples.Social cognitionGerard
Prison cultureWhat social structures/social order evolve in prisons and why?Social behaviourCVaughan
ReligiousityWhat socio-psychological factors predict religiousity?Psychology of religionSocialpsych
Social constructionismWhat is it? Explain with your own examples (e.g., by attempting to deconstruct some of your own social thinking).Social constructionism[40]Alex Topfer
PetsWhat psychological effects do animals, and particularly pets, have on humans and why? What recommendations about contact with animals and pets would you make to someone who wants to maximise their psychological health?Environmental psychology[41]Lukem 1411
Population densityHuman population density has rapidly increased in recent centuries and decades. What are the socio-psychological effects of crowding and high population density?CrowdingBetsy
ResistanceWhat social psychological processes can cause the social influence of group norms and powerful others to be resisted?Social influenceRayleem
Restorative justiceWhat are the social psychological principles of restorative justice? What does research evidence suggest about the effectiveness of restorative justice? What are the prospects for restorative justice?Conflict resolutionBoris
Self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotypesWhat is the relationship between self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotype formation and maintenance?StereotypesCatherine117377
Serial killersWhat socio-psychological factors contribute to serial killing?AggressionEaglesgirl
Social capitalWhat is it, how can it be fostered, and how can it be measured?Social capitalJD Hawk
Social psychology of clergyDiscuss the socio-psychological principles used by clergy to influence their congregations.Psychology of religion, Religion, Social influence[42]Brent Holgate
TeamworkWhat is teamwork and what social psychological principles can be used to help develop effective teams?Group processes[43]Jane D
Virtual vs. real worldsHow is the social psychology of 3-D virtual worlds (such as Second Life) and/or online gaming similar to, and different from, the social psychology of the 'real' world?Psychology of technologyRinna
WeatherHow does the weather influence human social behavior? (e.g., does heat increase violence?)Environmental psychology[44]Amy Tipler
Western domination of social psychologyTo what extent is social psychology theory and research dominated by Western perspectives?Culture, GeneralJenny O
Youth delinquencyWhat socio-psychological factors contribute to youth delinquency?Antisocial behaviourMandaG
World War IIWhat were the main impacts and legacies of World War II on the discipline of social psychology?GeneralJennaC

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25 Easy-To-Handle Research Paper Topics In Social Psychology.

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  1. How Sigmund Freud’s theory of Psycho-Sexual Development paved the way for Erikson’s Psycho-Social theory?
  2. Is adolescence a cultural invention of the modern world?
  3. Does corporal punishment increase the likelihood of criminal activity?
  4. Does Social Media usage make people more likely to follow orders?
  5. How does marketing affect public perception of normalcy?
  6. Does volunteering regularly from childhood significantly mitigate the effects of Zimbardo’s “Lucifer Effect”?
  7. Does the Bystander Effect increase proportionally to camera phone access?
  8. Could socially beneficial actions be cultivated under laboratory conditions in a reversal of the Stanford Prison Experiment?
  9. How does the writing of events create a standardized version of perceived truth that overrides memory?
  10. How do people adjust to changing norms?
  11. Is it ethical to use the placebo effect to restore order in times of widespread panic?
  12. Does the ‘foot in the door’ technique decrease future possibilities of acquiescence?
  13. To what extent do heuristics underlie the formation of most harmful stereotypes?
  14. Is the higher rate of success in business for those with traits of psychopathy more balanced in socialist countries?
  15. Does Hollywood’s use of attractive heroes and unattractive villains perpetuate the ‘Halo Effect’?
  16. Is ‘fear of happiness’ traceable to religious doctrines?
  17. Does self medicating with illegal substances help people avoid Cognitive Dissonance?
  18. How can the Fundamental Attribution Error be applied to the perception of Reality Television ‘stars’?
  19. How has Globalization redefined the concept of ‘conformity’?
  20. Does the proliferation of image sharing sites lead to greater individuality or conformity?
  21. Could Bandura’s bobo doll experiment be replicated with adults to train the expression of their aggression?
  22. How can Pavlov’s views of conditioning be seen at work in fast food advertising?
  23. Can the use of operant conditioning be further incorporated into the school system?
  24. Are pets more likely to be sympathized with than homeless people?
  25. Does more pervasive internet access lead to lower levels of ingenuity?
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