Blackboard Group Assignment Submission Dates

Creating Assignments

Assignments are created in Content Areas, but can also be added to Learning Modules, Lesson Plans, and folders. Any instructions and file attachments that students need to complete the assignment are provided at the time of creation. You can deliver assignments to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students.

As assignments are created, you will work in Edit Mode ON. Edit Mode ON allows you to view all of the instructor functions.

The easiest way to collect assignments, papers, or files from your students is to create an Assignment in Blackboard.

  1. In Edit Mode ON click the Assignments link on your course’s homepage.
  2. Click on Assessments.
  3. On the drop-down list, click Assignment.
  4. On the Create Assignment page, enter a Name for your assignment.  This is required.
  5. In the Instructions box, add the instructions for the assignment–if desired. This is optional.
  6. You can also browse and attach a file from your local computer if you wish. While this is completely optional, some instructors attach a journal article to their assignments, others attach an exemplar of what an exceptional student submission should look like. Again, this is optional. But, this process is similar to the process of attaching a file to an email message.
  7. Scroll down and enter the Points Possible.
  8. Select the checkbox to Make the Assignment Available. This makes your Assignment available to students, although you can choose the date and time that students can see or not see this Assignment under Limit Availability.
  9. For Number of Attempts, we strongly recommend that you either allow unlimited attempts or allow a certain number of attempts rather than allowing just a single attempt.  Experience shows that at least one of your students will accidentally submit the wrong file or accidentally submit an assignment with no file attached.  If you set Number of Attempts to Allow Single attempt, that student will be locked out of the assignment and you will need to manually clear his or her assignment attempt in your Grade Center before the student will be able to submit the correct file.  However, choosing to allow 2 attempts gives your students one “do-over” if they need it and it and won’t impact your grading at all because, by default, Blackboard shows you the student’s most recent submission (although there is an option to view and download a student’s previous submissions.)
  10. Select and set Display After for the date and time you will start accepting student submissions and select and set Display Until for the date and time the assignment is due.  This prevents students from submitting assignments after the deadline.
  11. If you are going to accept late submissions, select and set the Due Date and time.  If you are not going to accept late submissions, leave this section blank.
  12. Finally, choose if this assignment will be available to all of your students or to select groups of students.
  13. Then, click Submit.

Blackboard will display a green success box telling you that you assignment has been successfully created.  To see what your assignment looks like from a student’s point of view, turn Edit Mode off.

This document provides an overview of Group Assignment option in Blackboard's Assignment Tool.

A Group Assignment uses the Blackboard Assignment tool. Rather than every member in the group uploading an assignment, in the Group Assignment, only one member of the group uploads. Faculty then grade the one submission and the grade is distributed to all members of the group. A faculty has the option to change any member's grade if necessary.
  • Create a Blackboard Assignment
      1. Navigate to the course area or folder where you want to create the assignment.
      2. From the menu, click/hover over Assessments, then click Assignment.

      3. Type a name and instructions.

        Optionally, attach a file:
        In the Assignment Files section, attach a file using the Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection button.

      4. On the Due Dates section, enter a date and time that assignment will be due. This will trigger notifications in the Planner and Global Navigation area. This does not set a release date.

      5. In the Grading Section, enter the point value for the assignment. This is a numeric number, not a percentage.

        Optionally, attach rubric:
        Attach a rubric for this assignment. See Create A Rubric for more information.

      6. Click on the Submission Details link.  Determine the Assignment type: Individual Submission, Group Submission, or Portfolio Submission.
        In the Number of Attempts, select Single Attempt, Multiple Attempts (enter number of attempts allowed in the box) or Unlimited Attempts.

        Optionally, set grading options:
        Click on the Grading Options link. Select Enable Anonymous Grading if students names are to be hidden, or Delegated Grading, if more than one grader is used.

        Optionally, set how grades are displayed in the Grade Center.
        Click the Display of Grades link. Select how you want the Primary and Secondary grades to be displayed in the Grade Center.
        These settings can also be set and changed from the Grade Center column.

      7. In the Availability Section, set the Display After and Display Until dates and times. This is the dates and times the assignment link is visible to your students.

      8. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Designating the Assignment to be a Group Assignment

  1. In the "Grading" section, click on the Submission Details link.
  2. In the "Assignment Type" section, click on the Group Submission radio button.
  3. In the left-hand box, click on the Group(s) that will receive this assignment. Click the right arrow to send the groups to the "Selected Items" box on the right. 

  4. Adjust other settings as needed and submit.

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