Educational Research Paper Ideas

Writing a research paper even though may seem challenging is a substantial part of everyday student life. You are required to write at least one research paper in a semester for the majority of the subjects. Do not underestimate research projects, as they demand a huge effort and a lot of time from you. Nevertheless, do not let your research paper assignment give you anxiety and influence your overall studies. To minimize worries and inconsistencies while working on the research paper you must be sure in your research paper topic. There are times when you are assigned to the topic but more frequently, you will have to create a topic by yourself. The whole research should be built around or from the topic. In order to choose an interesting topic, which will demonstrate your best talents, you should keep reading.

How to select the best research paper topic?

When choosing your research paper topic, you need to make sure it is neither boring nor worn out. An interesting innovative topic will intrigue the readers and motivate them to read your whole research. But if you don’t know how to create a topic on your own, use help of writers in topic creation.There are some things to consider when selecting an appropriate topic:


There is no secret that you will not be able to write a good insightful research paper if you are not interested in the subject overall and in the topic in particular. If on the other hand the topic is linked to the field of your interest, you may consider yourself lucky. It would be easier to explore the theme and write about it. You may even find some additional resources on your computer or I cloud service for the topic, which excites you. If you enjoy science, you are sure to talk non-stop about it. The same goes for writing.


You need to be sure to understand everything clearly when you choose an essay topic. Do not hesitate to ask questions if there are some unclear points. The more you understand the simpler it is for you to write a successful research paper. If the indistinct issues are still at large, it is advisable to leave this topic be and simply select another one. You need to show the readers that you master of the topic and not a confused newbie who does not know what he or she is talking about.


You need to understand completely that you are not writing a descriptive essay. A research paper is an accurate and thorough work, which is based on facts details. You cannot add watery text about anything into the paper. Your statement should be supported with examples or reference other profound research and academical works.


This advice may seem dull if you are working on historical paper. How innovative can you get discussing French revolution or Perl Harbor? However, an innovative approach can give you the edge among other students. A topic should address the matter from a different and surprising perspective. With a deep investigation, you may even find the unknown until now facts that can blow your readers’ minds. This approach will intrigue your readers and will make research paper stand out.




Education is a very interesting subject to discuss, especially when you are being taught or teaching yourself. You probably have better insight into the issue you are about to research, and more motivation and passion about it. However, choosing a theme for your study can still be quite difficult, since there are a lot of things you can focus on. Take a look at this list of top 10 topics on education that will help you out:

  • How can technology make lesson planning easier and less time consuming?
  • Find out about the tools modern teachers use when preparing for their classes. Think about whether it decreases or increases the quality of the lessons.

  • Ways to make the Internet and public libraries safer for students.
  • Here, you can discuss if filtering is really effective or if it is a simple formality. Express your opinion on areas with restricted access and blocking users for misbehaving.

  • Bullying and vandalism: two eternal banes of every school.
  • This topic is widely spoken about nowadays, so make sure to find as many sources to study as possible. You can even do a survey on how often people face abuse in your educational facility.

  • Can school ever be a safe place?
  • Conduct a research on which means your administrative stuff takes to prevent both students and teachers from getting harmed.

  • Being late to class: reasons and ways to avoid this.
  • Why are some students never on time? Is there anything that society or school can do to fix that?

  • Different children with different needs: can a common strategy be created?
  • Every educational facility has its fast learners and kids with special needs. What can be done to a curriculum to make the process easier and more effective for everyone?

  • Why do students miss classes, and what do teachers think of that?
  • This is a very interesting and up-to-date topic to discuss. Can the teaching process be considered successful if a student misses half of the classes? How do teachers react to truancy?

  • Parents: a strong community or a group of spectators?
  • What is your personal opinion on parents’ roles in the educational process? How can having an active community benefit the school and the quality of the classes?

  • School syllabi and Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Do your teachers know about programs such as Web 2.0 tools? Do they use them? How does it benefit or harm the learning process?

  • Censorship and education.
  • Do schools often face censorship in your areas? In what ways can it slow down the studying process?

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