Comp 122 Week 3 Homework

Importance of Body Cameras2Importance of Body CamerasImagine there is a huge case going on where a police officer is coming under question on if dealt with a potential suspect in the correct way. Now think about the money being used to provide lawyers, a judge, a jury, etc., to handle the high profile case. Now there is two possible outcomes, there was police misconduct and abuse of power, or the police officer did everything correctly and by the book. Either way there needs to be something that can protect the public from police misconduct and also protect law enforcement from dealing with false accusations that can tarnish their reputation. That is why body worn cameras need to be mandatory for all police officers to wear because it protects the public and the police officers that are wearing them. A couple positive outcomes police officers wearing body cameras is how they can lower police officers misuse of authority and also lower false complaints against officers as well. These are two great outcomes because they will hold police officers and the public accountable for their actions. In the article “Cops and body-worn cameras: lessons learned from Phoenix’s deployment of body-worn cameras” the Phoenix Police Department implemented that their officers wear body cameras. Some results showed “BWCs also appear to have produced greater arrest activity, as well as significant reductions in complaints against officers (23 percent drop) when compared to officers in a comparison squad area that did not have cameras (10 percent increase)” (Elliot, & Kurtenbach, 2015, pg. 3). That is a big drop in complaints against officers, now think how good the numbers would be in other big cities like New York City, Chicago, etc. There is more positive outcomes from the use of body worn cameras like videos can be used as training aids for future police officers, and probably the most important outcome, that thevideos protect the truth. The use of previous videos can be detrimental to new cops because it

 Thesis statement: While the use of body cameras may seem to invade the public or police privacy, police should wear body cameras because playing body cameras could improve the public’s view of police by showing the human side, help to provide evidence when a person may not be able to, and it protects the officers and public both which are all vital parts of policing. o Claim: Police officers should wear body camera’s to help with providing evidence when there is not always a person who can provide evidence from a crime scene or even clarify evidence. 1. Evidence: In the case of Mr. Jeter officers were accusing Mr. Jeter of breaking numerous crimes and Mr. Jeter was accusing the officers of using excessive force. Upon further investigation it was found Mr. Jeter did not break the laws it was said he did based on cameras that were on scene, it was also found that the officers used excessive force among other things. (Harvard Law Review N.A., 2015) 2. Evidence:

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