The Role Of The Media In Todays Society Essay

It is quite evident to all of us that the mass media has become an essential part of everyone’s life.
Rather, the media plays a constructive role in today’s society – from increasing public awareness to collecting views, information, and also the attitude of the people towards certain issue.

What Is Media?
It is one of the most powerful tools of communication in the developing countries, as well as in the developed countries. It can aid in promoting the right things at a right point of time, or can make use of any situation to create disturbance around the people or in the society. Media helps to provide a strong message to the world about what is right or wrong.

Media is present all around us. For example, when we watch the Television; listen to the radio; read books, newspapers, magazines, journals; etc.

The world is making a steady progress towards a better future everyday. But still, people are bound by the social problems and issues directly or indirectly are “ affected by the people,of the people and for the people.”

Media Keeps You Informed Irrespective Of Geo-Location
No one can deny the blessings of media in today’s world. The mass media helps people to remain informed and updated about the various news, events, social activities, lifestyle, entertainment, and advertisements irrespective of the geographical barriers. For example, while sitting in India, one can get all latest news and events of UK, or USA. Like, even while sitting miles away, one got the breaking news of Barack Obama winning the Presidential election. He became the first African American to hold the office.

How It Impacts?
Mass media have made profound impact on societies and their culture. It ceases the boundaries of different societies among the individuals and creates ‘Globalization.’ The globalization is a decent case to delineate the friendship of media, since people can witness what is happening in different nations or how they dress up and what their way of life is. Subsequently, they typically mirror what others do.

Furthermore, media are a storehouse of information. It educate individuals about day to day occasions or new revelations. This data some of the time is utilized to change individuals’ sentiment. For instance, in race of president, the devotee of candidates publicize in media such as, TV or the web for them, and ingest consideration regarding choose any individual that they need.

Thus, it can be concluded mass media have a powerful influence in shaping a persons’ lives.
However, mass media can have both positive and negative impact on the lives and on the minds of the people. It depends on the mindset of the people, as to which side they look for.

Media: The Good & Bad Aspects
Media can help to create awareness among the people faster than any other thing. In fact, mass media can have a great impact on peoples’ lifestyles and culture. For example, girls living in a conservative country or girls who are growing up in a conservative culture can be prompted and motivated to wear short dresses by watching TV shows or by following another country’s culture. They might consider by wearing short dresses they can become cool just like the TV personalities they admire.

While the above point stresses on the negative impact of TV, it also have made some positive impact for the society. Through television, one can create social awareness about many social and economical issues like AIDS, Child Abuse, Female Foeticide, and so on which are For example, television channels organizes TV shows like “Satyamev Jayate” which focuses on making people aware of the harsh realities of life. It mainly discusses and provides possible solutions relating to the various social issues of India. It aims to empower citizens with informations. Hence, through this type of shows, many NGOs comes up with the social causes and holds campaigns, demonstration, and protests in order to demand justice.

Even, National TV channels like Doordarshan, DD National used to air shows like “Bharat Ek Khoj” which was an Indian historical drama based on the book ‘The Discovery Of India’ written by Jawaharlal Nehru that covers a 5000-year history of India from its beginnings to the coming of independence in 1947. Hence, media also played an educative role by hosting programs like “Bharat Ek Khoj” in order to enlighten people about their country’s struggle to freedom.

Some Other Mass Media Platforms

a. Social Media has the power to mobilize mass movement. For example, Tunisia and Egypt saw an increasing use of the social media platforms, i.e., social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to help the citizens in organizing, communicate and ultimately initiating street action and civil-disobedience campaigns. Also, during the year 2009, the Iranian “Green Revolution” was closely followed by the Western media channels via the following social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, and the latter even gave Moldova’s 2009 revolution its moniker, the “Twitter Revolution.”

b. In India, literacy forms an substantial barrier to the development of a country. In order to deal with this type of situation, radio especially, Community Radio can help to reach out to a large number of masses, like the poor people because it’s affordable and also uses less electricity. Community Radio lends a voice to the community they serve with programmes in local languages, and also respecting the local culture and tradition. It also provides a counterbalance to the increasing globalization and commercialization of media.

Any programmes can be successful, if the information is disseminated at grassroots level. Hence, radio forms another major platform that helps in reaching out the rural masses, especially creating awareness regarding government policies. The Community Radio movement can help to create awareness among the rural masses about the different flagship programmes like ‘Digital India’ or ‘Make In India’ or ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ or ‘Swachh Bharat’, etc.

c. National TV Channels holds educational programs. It helps in educating the children.

d. Social networking platforms like Facebook has brought people closer to each other. People now can easily connect with their friends, relatives who resides abroad.

Ending It
With technological advancements, such as the Internet, have made it possible to bring the various forms of electronic media to our workplaces and homes at the click of a button. To conclude, the influence of mass media is undeniable as it can make or break the belief of the people, or start a movement for a right cause.

I feel that even though media has appeared as a prominent innovation but individual aspirations can effect in the formation of ideas and opinions.

A post by Soumi Biswas. 24th Mar, 2016.

The importance and the impact of the media, written or electronic cannot be marginalized in the world of today. In the modern world of quick communication and quick information, media plays a very crucial role.

The original role of the media was and still is to give to the public all relevant information about occurrences in the country and the world. Now the written media includes a host of publications, dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly all giving information about events with supplement of suggestions and comments by learned people. Today, the print media has acquired such proportions that, there is absolutely no avenue of knowledge or information that is left out.

Multifarious avenues are being touched upon, whether it be local, national or international. All avenues of news, business, health, sports, films and entertainment are being dwelt upon at great length. The great advantage of this media in spreading of news, knowledge and information through the length and breadth of the world.

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In these days of awareness, even the remotest of villages of India get at least one daily newspaper in their local language. This keeps them abreast of the latest news and happenings of the world. Moreover, written media is the cheapest medium of collecting all important information of the district, city, country and the world.

Next in importance come the electronic media, i.e. the radio and the television. I call it second to the print media because it is more expensive and so, less common in far flung areas of the country. With ever so many channels on the radio and the television there is no information that is left untouched. This media specially caters more to urban areas as it is more expensive to buy and then to maintain.

Thus, the media, whatever it be print or the electronic media, its importance at least in the modern world cannot be denigrated. While we are sitting in our drawing rooms at home, we can get all the information of all happenings around the world. We get a sea of knowledge and all the information, relaxing at home.

So much so good, but, what we notice today, with the freedom of the press taking new proportions, the media is becoming slightly out of control and also partial. The latest trend in the media is that it has become tainted with signs of extreme partiality.

I personally feel that, the media is at times overstepping its limits and to some extent misusing its freedom. The job of the media is just to give information of what happens and not to add its own partial views to the information. The job of the media should remain restricted only to reporting facts as to when and how they occur, and leave the readers to form their own opinions. However, this is no more true of the modern trends of the media. They get news and paint them as per their own personal leanings and beliefs. This I’d say is not correct reporting as, it is likely to colour the views of the readers/ viewers. The task of the media is just to report and not colour the views of the people.

This is the position of the media because of the obvious political leanings and influences, and this I daresay should not be allowed to grow. It must be remembered that, the media plays a very important link between the people and organizations/Government. Thus, if a report is not correct or painted the common man gets a wrong picture of facts. In this way, the media is harming itself and tarnishing its image in front of the common man. If the common man loses faith in the truth of the media, it will be a bad symptom and a bad day for all.

It would be good if the media restricts itself only to passing On correct and exact information only, without any comments for or against any political party it would be doing its job correctly and sincerely. Political masters should be only heard and not followed by a media which is good and impartial.

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