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"The best argument against paying players is that it diminishes the value of an education" (qtd. in Zimbalist). State University has breached its academic standard by allocating unnecessary expenditures to athletically advanced students. Student athletes should not be paid at State University, because it focuses on an extracurricular activity as a means of profit, praises athletic ability over merit/ scholastics, promotes a bridge between players and regular students, and creates hierarchy between universities. Student athletes should not be paid more than any other student at State University, because it implies that the focus of this university is that an extracurricular activity as a means of profit. Intercollegiate athletics is…show more content…

Participating in a sport is in itself a goal that should be pursued and driven by the force of passion and the hope of professional continuance. As critics say whatever is bringing in large sums of cash into the university should be paid accordingly. Non-student athletes should fit into this category, because, although minimal, they do indeed bring in revenue. Although minimal revenue is gained, regular students make profit for their university such as State University by the exceptional grade point averages that are maintained and the vast scientific and mathematic discoveries. Money is indeed the major basis of evil, but what further disassociates a student is when academic capabilities are overshadowed by athletics.

Compensating scholar athletes at State University, praises athletic abilities over merit and scholastics. If students are being paid at an equal level to their special talents such as athletics, then State University school focus on opportunities for students to perform at their highest potential. For example, students who are mainly focused on academics are given possible internship advantages for a real hands on education the same should be done with student athletes. Realistically, less than 1% of the entire global population gain entrance onto professional teams. Furthermore, instead of wage incentives, students should be given the opportunity to work with highly qualified coaches that could help them eventually reach

Essay on Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

In the world of college athletics there are endless topics discussed daily and most pertain to money. An issue that falls under this category includes the heated debate involving whether or not student athletes should receive money. Many people say student athletes should receive compensation according to their specific needs because they spend so much time earning their scholarship and have no time to work. On the other hand, the stronger argument is student athletes should not be able to acquire additional funds in order to help aid them through college. An athlete knows what he or she is involving themselves in before any money issue is even brought up. Signing a letter of intent shows that…show more content…

Actions towards paying athletes are being taken and according to the TCU Daily Skiff, “There’s a legislation being passed around in the Big 12 states to provide athletes with an extra stipend in addition to their all-expenses paid education. The idea is that these students are producing truckloads of revenue for the university and should see some of the fruits of their labor.” (Jennings, par. 2) Because athletes aren’t paid for producing such money, supporters feel some of the money made should go towards helping with extra expenses. An average student athlete has to pay for phone bills, transportation, entertainment, laundry, toiletries and other things. While the typical college student has the opportunity to work, athletes don’t. Some students in college receive academic full ride scholarships, which are the same as athletic full rides, but they have time to earn extra money on the side. If these students are receiving a full ride scholarship and have the opportunity to work then an athlete should be paid a compensation for his or her efforts on the playing field.

On the contrary, there is a reason the NCAA has not passed a law saying athletes should be paid and numerous reasons support this view. In fact “according to NCAA rules, Section 2, Title V reads, ‘It is a violation of the NCAA rules for athletes to accept money or gifts while intending to remain eligible.’” (Way, par. 16) There is a reason for this law and why it has not changed. Individuals

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