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Faculty teaching at a Mid-Southern university incorporated HESI Case Studies into the community clinical experience. A cohort of 38 senior baccalaureate nursing students enrolled in the community clinical course was assigned three of the HESI Case Studies under the Community/Health Promotion category for their final exam. These case studies were weighted at 20% of their overall clinical course grade.

Faculty received both positive qualitative and quantitative results from the pilot study conducted in the fall 2015 semester. The range of scores on the case studies for the cohort was 93-100, with a mean score of 96. Student comments were extremely positive with respect to the complexity of the case studies and the knowledge acquisition received from completing them. In addition, the case studies were tied to student learning outcomes (SLO), so faculty were able to include the results in the end of semester SLO reports for the department and university. This data supports using HESI Case Studies as a continual assignment within the community clinical course.

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